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Have you been suspended on eBay? Are your selling limits too low? We’re here to help you!

PACKAGE #1 - $119

US eBay Account 500/25k Limits Verified PayPal Account with VCC Access To Phone Number (Google Voice)

PACKAGE #2 - $139

eBay Account 1000/25k Limits Verified PayPal Account with VCC Access To Phone Number (Google Voice)

PACKAGE #3 - $189

eBay Account 5000/50k Limits Verified PayPal Account with VCC Access To Phone Number (Google Voice)

Ebay Account For Sale

We ensure excellence through our reliable services!

Every account provided by us has been crafted with attention to the smallest details. Each account has undergone quality procedures so each client can receive a high-quality account.

Affordable prices for all!

Since we have the best prices on the market, everyone will have a chance to purchase such an account. You will be pleased to know that regardless of what your budget is, you will have access to one of our accounts.

Dedicated customer support via E-mail!

If you’ve never used such service before, our team of experts are available via E-mail at all times. As well as, you can also use the informative guide on how to effectively use stealth accounts.

Buy eBay Account From Us!

In case eBay has suspended your account and you no longer have the ability to make money, you should despair! By purchasing one of our accounts, you will also receive a start guide which will explain everything. Without a doubt, your income will increase with one of our accounts.

In case you’ve been suspended, you should avoid creating an account with the same details. The reason for this is because you will be blacklisted and your account will also be flagged and suspended again. Thus, trying again with the same information will be wasted time and money.

Tip: eBay will know if you’ve used the same internet connection for the old and new account. Therefore, there’s no way out.

The only way that you can start selling again is by creating a new identity. Through our accounts, you can trick the platform into believing that you’re a new user. None of your details will be used on the new account so eBay will believe that you’re someone new.

What Is a Stealth Account?

To put it simply, a stealth account will provide you with a second digital identity. If selling platforms such as eBay have restricted your first identity as you haven’t played by the rules set in the Terms of Services, we come to help.

To us, it doesn’t matter if your first identity has got suspended. We understand that such platforms are often unfair and too restrictive. If you want to continue selling, you must consider a stealth account.

Our team of experts works extensively to create each account manually. Hence, your new alias will be undetectable by every platform. Since we’re trusted all over the world, we follow strict regulations so that you will feel safe to use it.  

We have been recommended for using only the latest techniques so you can purchase in confidence. We are proud to say that all of our customers have been satisfied with our services.  We offer you eBay and PayPal account with every single detail needed such as:

•    Phone Number (Access To Google Voice)

•    Verification (VCC and Phone Number)

•    All the required information 

It’s important to mention that some packages will be delivered upon payment and some will require time before getting delivered. Don’t worry, when placing an order, you will receive an informative guide on how to effectively use them. If you follow each step correctly, you can restart selling. Unlike the others, we will send you the information in a document file. Therefore, you can log in as soon as you receive it. The main idea is that you follow the steps accordingly. 

What’s included with your purchase?

When placing an order, you will need to provide us with an email address so we can provide you with the account’s details. Each step is straightforward to understand.

In addition to this, you will also receive information on the recommended Firefox Portable browser that one of our experts have used to create the account.

In order to provide reliability, we offer you a 30-days free replacement if you’re new identity has been suspended. Please bear in mind that this applies to those that follow the guideline accordingly. The dedicated customer service will provide support even after you purchase.

21-Day Hold

We cannot guarantee that PayPal will not place a hold on your new account. Nonetheless, in the majority of cases, our customers have had the limit dropped within 7 days.

Funds Withdraw

The easiest way to access your funds that are on PayPal is if you have a bank account. However, you cannot use the same bank account that has been added to PayPal before. Thus, we recommend that you have a never used bank account for the stealth PayPal. Most of our customers have used the bank accounts of relatives or close friends. If this isn’t an option for you, you can use alternative options such sending money from your stealth to your own PayPal and withdraw from it.

Why it’s worth to choose us?

We have been doing this service for the last six years. The reason why we’ve lasted so long is that our customers have trusted our service. In fact, we are proud to say that we’ve received 100% satisfaction rate. Every person in our team has thorough experience in creating eBay and PayPal accounts so you can trust us to deliver exactly what you’re looking for.

We are also among the few that provide customer support throughout the process. Even after you purchase from us. Therefore, you will never feel alone and lost.

Even though our prices aren’t as high, it doesn’t mean that the standards are less. Every customer deserves a new digital identity regardless of budget. Thus, we have created the most affordable packages that are currently on the market.

If you compare our packages with our competitor’s packages, you will see straight away that you will save up to $200 per account. The main idea is that unlike our competitors, we don’t believe in greed. Our services will meet your high standards without emptying your pockets.

So, what are you waiting for?

eBay Account For Sale! Choose The Package And Get Back On eBay!

US eBay account for sale + US PayPal account for sale
Limits: 500items/25000$.
Phone number confirmed (Google voice).
Account age is up to 30 days.
Verified PayPal Account.
Stealth guide.
US eBay account for sale + US PayPal account for sale
Limits: 5000items/50000$.
Phone number confirmed (Google voice).
Account age is up to 30 days.
Verified PayPal Account.
Stealth guide.
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